[StBernard] For Craig

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 9 23:04:49 EDT 2007

Craig: It was mentioned last month on Channel 6 News that Jefferson Parish
had applied for and received an extension from FEMA to continue housing
demolition at 100% reimbursement. The comment was made that "Jefferson
Parish has previously identified all the properties that were condemned, but
not demolished as-of-yet. Jefferson Parish has only a fraction of homes
needing demolition, compared to St. Bernard, however, there was no mention
of St. Bernard parish. Are demolitions and debris removal efforts
continuing? There are three houses within a block of me with the stickers
and work order numbers, and the home behind me on Charles Drive has yet to
be gutted, however with your assistance we finally managed to get a sticker
on it several months ago. Can you provide an update or is this something
else that our Parish President does not want any of the council members to
respond to? If so, please forward this email on to him. I won't, however,
hold my breath waiting for a response even though the response should be to
the public in general since the answer affects all of us. As always,
thanks for your assistance.!


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