[StBernard] Election Results

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Oct 22 22:30:47 EDT 2007

"We can change, we must change, we WILL CHANGE! --Bobby Jindal.

Ok, by now we all know the outcome: Now we have a fresh change to reform
Louisiana to the greatness it deserves.

The predictions: Jindal at: 52%.
The outcome: Jindal at 54%

The prediction: Boasso at 25%
The outcome: Boasso at 17%

The Prediction: Georges at 18%
The Outcome: Geordes at 14%

The Prediction: Campbell at 5%
The Outcome: Campbell at 13%

Considering most political analysts look at + or - 3% percentage points,
it's quite acceptable. This prediction was close including the order. The
Axis of Evil wasn't trusted at election time and the people knew what they
wanted: relief from anxiety, parishes recovery and moving the state out of
negativity, and a removal of fat-cat politicians. It's really only forward
from this point!

Now, the state must heal, starting at corruption elimination, education,
road repairs and above all: Recovery of ALL of our citizens who has been
through the wringer. With the Lord's help, the margin of success is enormous
and the margin of error is nil. Our Congrats to Bobby and to those who
trusted him before the election, we're elated. To those who were guardedly
optimistic or had reservations, consider this: help is on the way.

We can only move upwards.

To the parish, Bobby is going to get recovery going and you can bet his
heart is into helping St. Bernard, New Orleans and all points of pain.


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