[StBernard] Truth behind Congress rejecting bail-out

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Oct 2 09:09:26 EDT 2008

When we "bailout" (Ok, to seek a positive spin, Congress is starting to call
it "Rescue", Wall Street, we make it right by congressman and woman using
huge shuffles of dirt (700 billion) to burn the debt in this economic

It is in my opinion that Mr. ObamA is expressing his Championing the
recovery period of the nasty Republican-driven misue to express his
"expertise" to the people.

ObAmA is and has always associated himself with liberals and mostly those of
Marist and Socialism. If I can recall my Russian government course, a
classless society (take in point the U.S. and O'bAmA'S desire to eliminate
the lower/common/poorest class, then attempt to remove the wealthy with
excessive taxes and elimination (Marxist ideas), and settle with a classless
class where the middle class clings to the idea that once the upper/wealth
and lower classes/poor class system is eliminated.

Marx saw capitalism as inherently flawed; a political and social model that
would be forced to give way to the rise of the proletariat which itself
would necessarily produce a shift toward eventual communism. Communism as he
described it was to be a classless (indeed, "stateless") society, which is
to say that there would be no more bourgeoisie and no state control of
individuals. That is, no more "capitalists" in the sense that some people
are gaining wealth by virtue of their capital ownership (and the associated
labor that makes it work).

Communism is far end of socialism. Socialism is into Communism by not
necessarily the other way. Everyone in EQUALITY (as is exhilarated with no
class system or government eventually dissipated and we all live in utopia,
bliss and happiness forever (nobody in authoritarian/dictatorship/ruling,
etc. while people are geared to spend their time working like happy little

Governments have come and gone and the elimination of capitalism is OBamA'S
DREAM STATE==WHAT he's aiming towards as time evolves from "revolution"
(there must be one once capitalism/monarchy falls and they working class
take up the revolution to its end.

That's the kind of leadership he represents. Movement of America towards the
far left and into a commune for us all. It's not a pipe-dream but
Obie-1-o'Bama's dream. He's the new millennium's new charismatic Hitler-like
charm that's duping millions of young minds and the very stupid.

It's not if, but when. (Oh, by the way, we're well on our way since America
is becoming quickly a Godless Society where atheism is a core moral value of
that "OBamian society." People without morals will kill for him, overthrow
for him, and kiss his immoral a$$ in their worship of oBaMa. oNe ill
decrease while another makes it's trek towards increase. Oh, the inhumanity
of history repeating itself within 10 short years.


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