[StBernard] local reality episode. Once upon a time .

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Mar 15 10:52:48 EDT 2009

Correct, John.

There is no shame, embarrassment or dishonor in supporting righteousness as
a threat or blasphemy aimed at the most secretly-endorsed religion
(Christianity) in a Christian Nation. One should be proud to protest what
he/she feels will insult, repulse or upset the Christian Faith holder. It's
time people are proud of the religion that is Christ's wishes and teachings.
Attempting to undermine this faith is going to face more serious
consequences from those who wish to defend their love of faith.

Most faith-based religions whom use God as its source of worship is
paramount to anyone creating a "holiday" created by a God-less entity,
whether from a professor or guru who's faith is based upon what makes
him/her feel better about things. Many have no afterlife with God's grace,
but can include space travel behind comets, using Science to justify cell
structure and carbon dating, or new-age philosophies which get a garner a
good exercise routine, a better health philosophy or false idols which
remember every animal on earth.

Once you sway from the Truth - which is omnipotent, every-lasting and
without false hope to salvation - you create a lifeless death never again
regaining hope, love, joy, and painless existence.

When you remove the truth, you invite the False. There is no "realness by
subscribing to one's vision of non-existence beyond your day of death".
There's going to be a lot of damned people beyond which are appearing in
their zombie state around our neighborhoods and nations.


Way to go!!!


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