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For the sake of God, please stop trying lie and mislead people with your
libera-soicalist-communistic views. I watch Glenn Beck and I'm calling you
out on the carpet for claiming Beck has said things that HE HAS NEVER

If you or any other person actually thinks Beck is somehow non-religious or
is against Jesus, then you're likely that way yourself. As far as I'm
concerned, there is a war going on in the country that was started by the
progressive-socialists in this country - and I'll be glad to end it. I
believe in my duty as as "TRUE" American to erradicat liberalism from the
shores of this country that was clearly and obviously founded on the
religious beliefs and principles of our founding fathers.

Richard, I'm positive you would more happy living in a place like China,

Clear your ears and eyes and actually watch Beck's show.


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So we should be able to discriminate against American citizens based solely
on their religion, and Glen Beck should be the one to choose which religions
pass muster? Thanks, I'll pass.

By the way, there are more than 200,000 people working for the Department of
Homeland Security.


> Watch or tape Glenn Beck's show each day. It's no wonder Obama and

> the socialist/communist hate him because he exposes them everyday -

> and backs up with proof by showing you video from their own mouths.

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