[StBernard] Brewery Proposed for Ohio Street Neighborhood Along Chalona Canal in Chalmette LA

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Subject: Fwd: Brewery Proposed for Ohio Street Neighborhood Along Chalona
Canal in Chalmette LA

Please foward to any interested parties.

We need to maintain the integrity of our residential neighborhoods and
preserve our R1 residential zoning.

Please contact your council members and voice your opposition to Docket 03 -
12, a zoning change application to change Residential property to Commercial
for a proposed brewery between Gallo and Volpe Drives, behind the Chalona
Apartments. This is in the Ohio Street Neighborhood near Chalmette High
School and First Pentecostal Church.
For More Information:

Mr. Guy McGinnis Council At Large 224-0248 gmcinnis at sbpg.net
<mailto:gmcinnis at sbpg.net>

Mr. George Cavignac Council At Large 650-1285 gcavignac at sbpg.net
<mailto:gcavignac at sbpg.net>

Mr. Richie Lewis Council District C 278-4211 rlewis at sbpg.net
<mailto:rlewis at sbpg.net>

Mr. Ray Lauga, Jr. Council District A 650-0406 districta at cox.net
<mailto:districta at cox.net>

Mr. Nathan Gorbaty Council District B 278-4217 ngorbaty at sbpg.net
<mailto:ngorbaty at sbpg.net>

Mr. Casey Hunnicutt Council District D 278-4215 chunnicutt at sbpg.net
<mailto:chunnicutt at sbpg.net>

Mr. Manuel "Monty" Montelongo District E 278-4217 mmontelongo at sbpg.net
<mailto:mmontelongo at sbpg.net>

Ms. Roxanne Adams Council Clerk radams at sbpg.net
<mailto:radams at sbpg.net>

The Chalona Apartments and rear warehouse building, which formerly stored
roofing materials, was sold last April for $350,000. The single parcel has
multiple zoning ranging from "Neighborhood Commercial" C1, for the
convenience of the neighborhood, to "Single Family Residential" R1, for the
protection of the health, safety and quality of life for our families and
our children. This is in the Ohio Street Neighborhood near Chalmette High
School and First Pentecostal Church.

The two multi-unit apartment buildings occupy the "Neighborhood Commercial"
C1 zoning for up to approximately 210 feet from East St. Bernard Hwy (LA
39). The remaining 392 footage is residentially-zoned "Single Family
Residential" R1. This parcel of land extends as far back as the 2200 block
of Gallo Drive and is surrounded by beautifully restored, family occupied
homes on Gallo and Volpe Drives in Chalmette, LA.

Entergy, the power company, has no history of power to the building prior to
Hurricane Katrina. In May 2011 SBPG issued a permit for the renovation of
the warehouse structure, on R1 zoning, and power was installed.

The new owners applied for General Commercial, C2 zoning for the entire
parcel, which is an incursion of commercial zoning of over 600 feet from the
highway into the neighborhood. Local ordinance requires Commercial zoning
SHALL NOT exceed 250 feet from the highway. Common Sense would dictate NO
Commercial use belongs in the middle of residential neighborhoods. The
existing R1 zoning is the only protection these families have.

Residents oppose this zoning change and want to preserve the R1 residential
zoning. Incursion byway of any commercial use would be non compatible with
raising families and detrimental to quality of life and property values.
The new owners could develop the residential land for more families and find
a more appropriate site selection for businesses, including breweries.

The C2 zoning was requested for a prospective tenant, a brewery, yet a
brewery would require Industrial zoning with a conditional use. Breweries,
no matter how small, do not belong in neighborhoods, near schools and
churches. The owners may also wish to have tourism tours and tasting visits
at the brewery. These negative empacts on quality of life, health and
safety, including fire and explosion hazards, should be reason enough to
reject the zoning change application.

Once re-zoned, any listed C2 use could be permitted. (See list below).
Currently, C2 zoning allows a variety of land uses, but none belong in a
neighborhood. C2 zoning does not permit a brewery and the owners would have
to re-apply for an Industrial zoning with a conditional use. Industrial Use
and Neighborhoods do not mix any better than oil and water, as several of us
as already experienced.

Homeowners submitted a petition with over 170 signatures in opposition to
the docket at the February 29th Public Hearing of the Planning
Commissioners. The Planning Commission is expected to discuss and render
it's recommendation at the March 27th 4pm meeting. The Council is expected
to conduct its public hearing as early as the second council meeting in
April 2012.

If you have not done so already, please contact the council members and
voice your opposition.

We need to maintain the integrity of our residential neighborhoods and
preserve our R1 residential zoning.

For More Information:


Zoning Ordinance Sec. 22-4. District and land-use regulations.
22-4-1.Establishment of districts. For the purpose of promoting the public
health, safety, morals and general welfare of the Parish of St. Bernard,
Louisiana, said parish is hereby divided into the following types of

22-4-3.Interpretation of district boundaries. Where uncertainty exists with
respect to the boundaries of any of the aforesaid districts as shown on the
zoning district maps, the following rules shall apply:

(d) Unless otherwise indicated, the depth of commercial districts along
highways or major streets shall be determined by the depth of the first tier
of lots having frontage on such streets or highways and existing at the time
of the passage of this [Zoning Ordinance of June 1, 1965]; provided, that
such depth shall not exceed two hundred fifty (250) feet. In instances of
unsubdivided parcels or through lots, the depth of the commercial district
on the highway or major streets is two hundred (200) feet.


C2 Permitted Uses:
Same as C1, plus funeral homes, all offices, all retail and wholesale uses,
warehouse, storage and public garages, drive in theatres, amusement places,
auto care services and auto sales, and customary accessory uses incidental
to the above uses when located on same lot.

C1 Permitted Uses:
Multi Residential R3, retail stores, business and professional offices,
business schools, day care centers, children's nurseries or early school,
personal service shops, restaurants, retail manufacturing, exterminating
services, filling stations, parking garages and lots, studios, fix-it shops,
laundromats, mini warehouses, similar establishments for the convenience of
neighboring residents, trailer courts and parks, tourist courts.

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