Talbert Pipes- Talbert Briar Blowfish (fishes?)

Trever Talbert trever at talbertpipes.com
Sat Jul 30 17:05:37 EDT 2005

Hello to everyone on our list! This is just a very quick note to say
that I've just posted three Talbert Briar Blowfish shapes to the
catalog, and they can be seen here:


This is a case of "Never say Never" - I've never done a blowfish before
and had in fact avoided them since they are so tightly tied to the
Danish 'look', but I had a special order from a very good customer for
one and, unable to say no, decided I'd just dive in and have fun with
it. They're not exactly traditional blowfish - in fact, I would be
willing to wager a small sum that Blowfish #1 is possibly the ONLY green
blowfish in the world! The others are a bit more traditional, color-wise.
In other news, for those who follow such stuff, I've just posted "Three
Years On" in the "Adventures" area of our "Life in France" section.
It's a little write-up looking back on the anniversary of our third year
living in Brittany.
Thanks for your time!
Happy Smoking,
Trever Talbert

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